Minnesota Boating at Sunset


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Mar 25, 2009
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Burlington, NC
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Added the sun flare in post, but as an avid boater, i really like this photo...

Personally, i think the flare looks too unreal and kind of ruins the photo for me,
Without it though, the photo would be excellent!
I'd like to see it without the flare as well, any chance you can upload it here without it?
Pretty cool. I have some Minnesota boat photos from Medicine lake I can't wait to share.

At first I thought you were doing a color accent technique. Then I noticed the flare was post production. But still I think it looks cool. Good work.
decent image. lose the flare.
Too much negative space on the top of the photo, I would have shot the photo with a lot less sky in the shot. Plus the horizon isn't straight. Just my 2 cents.
Level out the horizon a bit...;)

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