Minolta Color Temp Meter IIIF

Glyn Jones

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Feb 22, 2006
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This meter works perfectly and in very good condition. Original case and owners manual are included.

This meter has never been dropped, damaged or repaired. It shows only slight wear that you have to look for to see. This meter has only had one owner, me. It has always been stored in a professional studio enviroment. I am a commercial studio photographer so this meter has spent most of its life indoor, not out on locations or on nature shoots.

The Color Meter IIIf measures not only flash and ambient light, but also a mixture of the two. In addition to displaying the most suitable LB or CC filter number, this meter is equipped with color balance monitoring and measurement-correction functions, which allow you to control color reproduction with the utmost precision.

The Minolta Color Meter IIIf makes it much easier for photographers to maintain consistent color under various types of illumination. The meter measures the color of the light illuminating the subject and determines the filtration required to correct that illumination for the film in use.

This meter is the industry standard in its category.

Price $700 plus shipping cost of about $10 within the USA

760-717-7333 or shoot me an email




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