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Sep 28, 2005
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Just wondering what other Minolta/Sony people are switching to these days?

I have been shooting with a 7D forever & I am getting tired of buying used 7D's on Ebay...LOL!

I don't want to spend a pile of $$$$ to switch....

Any ideas?
Look into Sony. Your lenses should all work and there a some real bargins out there on the older Sonys.
When I abandoned Minolta, I signed up with Nikon.

That was before Sony took over.
Thanks! So far everyone I have talked to had told me to switch to NIKON!
Thom Hogan used to shoot Minolta...but now he shoots Nikon.

Minolta has long been a camera company favoring "traditional", dedicated button, and dedicated dial ergonomics, so the transition from Minolta to Nikon makes a lot of sense for people who have a lot of experience with Minolta.

Minolta's ergonomics and sensible design concepts both make a huge amount of sense to many people who have been around cameras for more than just a few years. I think the Maxxum 9000, and the newer Maxxum 7D digital SLR designs were two of the finest SLR designs ever made, by any company...just some incredible engineering ideas underlying both of those two designs.
I am a Sony alpha user ... I do not plan to move to a different mount ... just upgrade the body.
I have too much invested in the lenses ... and I don't like the prospect of selling it all at a loss just to get something similar from a different company.

I like the A700, A850, and A900.

There is not much from a different company that I need.
That should be the deciding factor ... what other manufacturer has the thing you NEED.
I used to shoot 35mm Minolta (still have my XD-11 and glass).

Now I'm a happy Canon shooter :)
Sony is bringing out 2 new concept "DSLR"s in September. A transparent mirror and an electronic viewfinder which results in a smaller camera with 16 megapixels, fast autofocus video, 10 fps stills and a different sensor.

I should point out that they handle the Sony regular size interchangeable DSLR lenses, so they are not similar to the inbetween format with smaller interchangeable lenses.

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