Minolta XD 11 help please..


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Jul 1, 2009
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cornelius, NC
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So my co-worker just up and gave me his old Minolta XD11 last week and I'm in the process or removing some corrosion left by the 12 something batteries it takes to operate everything it came with, but one thing I'm concerned about, it had MS76 batteries so I replaced them with Energizer 357 batteries which should work, the shutter only actuates on bulb setting and there's no light meter, it doesn't actuate on anything else but bulb with or without the battery, on my Pentax K1000 the shutter actuates with or without a battery on any shutter speed.

If anyone is familiar with this camera please help, I would love to try it out ASAP
Update, I got the corrosion out of the battery holder and got the shutter working and light meter working, only problem is that it's a lot different of a light meter than my Pentax, the manual says to turn the aperture ring until an LED lights next to the number on the shutter speed scale that corresponds tot he shutter-setting number appearing below the frame. This kind of confuses me, I think I got it, match the LED to the shutter speed number on the bottom of the frame and make adjustments accordingly

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