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Jan 1, 2013
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Been awhile since I have posted been super busy on the home front.
Here are a few pictures I took about 2 weeks ago let me know what you think.

1. $IMG_0185fbbw.jpg F8 125s 85mm iso 200

I like the first one a lot, though I feel it could do with a bit more contrast (not much though); it has a vintage look to it, with the dress and hat. The second one is too smoothed for my taste, with a colour cast that I don't find desirable.
I think the skin has been overworked in both of these. The first one is quite a wonderful photograph, though, it has a lovely vintage feel and good light. Good job retaining the texture of the dress, and posing her.
Thanks all for responding . I really took down the clarity on both photos for that soft feel. I am going to open the raw file again and compare the original and the edited one. Thanks again
The smoothing in the second one is really pageant-contestant-headshot-ish. Whether that's bad or good depends on what you were going for.

I dig the first, very classic.

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