Misty Triptych

I went to Flickr and looked at the original-sized image. I think the boxing and border work look first-rate, and are very well-suited to the image and subject type. The image is pleasant to look at. It's well-composed,and the lighting and foggy environment are both nice. My main concern would be that the edges of the image look a bit fuzzy, just not quite as satisfyingly sharp and well-defined as the center of the image, which sort of intrudes upon the enjoyment of the scenic details...following the telephone wires off to the edges, they go from sharp, to fuzzy...kind of lowering the impact of an otherwise well-executed shot. I think you did a doggone good job of composing this, and of keeping the nearest land well down in the frame, as a "base" that spans the entire frame,left to right. This is a lovely spot, and one I'd like to see shot again with the lens stopped down to its best aperture for edge-to-edge sharpness.
I like the boxing except for one small detail... I don't care for the ability to see the image continue on through the boxing. To me and this is just my opinion but it kind of reduces the impact of the triptych to be able to know without a shadow of a doubt that the presented work is just one image. Don't get wrong I know that triptychs are exactly that more times then not. It just takes away some of the magic for me.

The image itself is first rate in my opinion, must have been breathtaking to stand there taking it all in.

Nice work!
Thanks Derrell and LoKiZ...

I see what you mean about the sharpness dropping off - obviously this is a pano of several shots - actually it's the centre of a very big panorama of 8 or 9 shots. I think I might have missed focus on some. It was also shot handheld, as I had not gone out that morning to take scenery, but was kitted out for "bugs". I had my old 135mm on the camera (with extension tubes for bugs, which I removed for this shot), so it'/s manual focus - in the semi darkness, manual focus, handheld, fairly slow shutter - don't think ny of that helped.

I will look at a completely opaque matte, too, as some people have mentioned that (others really like it, a matter of taste)

Thanks agaion, guys.
Terrific setting. I am indifferent about the triptych idea, but I do think it could be a powerful pano on its own. Is the boxed area zoomed and softened a bit? That is kind of an interesting effect. I like the softness of the scene, and the overall tone of the colours. The aerial perspective, enhanced by the bit of fog, works really well. I don't like the prominence of the telephone poles. They stand out because of their saturation and because they contrast as the only non-natural elements. As such my eye is drawn to this element and I wouldn't want them to be my primary area of focus.
Thank you, OldMacMan. The boxing is a gaussian blurred, lower exposed copy of the original, yes. I tried a few different solid colours, or gradient fills for the matte, but I couldn't get them to look right. I have been putting borders on my flickr photos using another layer, with radial blur and drop shadows on the layer, and this is just an extension of this.

I'm undecided on the telegraph poles...I do know that you can't get away from them, and sometimes I just accept them. I do wish that these ones would lead the eye a little more...phone and electricity cables can provide neat leading lines...


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