ML-L3 with a Nikon D40x


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Aug 6, 2010
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Hello TPF, I'm doing fantastic thank you for asking.

Alrighty, I just got a ML-L3 in the mail, I saw it on amazon and it came with my bag so I thought what the heck why not. So I read my manual and checked the settings, and somehow I cannot get the whole one click it opens and then second click it shuts again, (the shutter). Am I doing doing something wrong here?

Any input or advice would be great, thanks.
I used to have a D40 and could never get it to work with the ML-L3. Took the camera into the shop and they also tried unsuccessfully. Even their demo D40 on the shelf would not work with the ML-L3. Brief internet search showed that some D40's worked with the ML-L3 while my camera would never work.

Eventually that problem though...purchased a D90. (Not the only reason for the purchase).
Page 32, 33 of your D40 users manual "Shooting Mode":
  • 2 second delayed remote
  • or Quick-response remote
Page 44 on your manual. Set your camera to M, shutter speed to "Bulb".

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