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May 25, 2007
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Is the Gitzo worth the extra money? Also I would like one that I can buy one of these:


So I can take the camera off quickly without haveing to unscrew it everytime. Will these fit on the Induro or only one ones tha specify them as accessories?
While the decision of wether the Gitzo is worth it is up to you I do know that I have never heard of Induro and I do know Gitzo is an excellent brand. As far as the head goes it has a quick-release on it so you just flip the lever and the quick-release pops off with your camera attached.
HelenB mentioned this brand once in another thread as being a Glitzo "comparable" copy and gave it a thumbs up.
Seriously, look at the Manfrotto 685B. I got one, and it rocks!!! Everyone that sees me use it, wants one. It will change your life. It's surprisingly light and lightening quick in adjustment. Twist/ Clamp locks...that's soooo 2006.
The 3229 tilt top is okay, serves it purpose. But for my wildlife shootong, I actually prefer a small ball head. Trading up to 486RC2 or 488RC2.
Right off the bat.... I think comparing the two is apples versus oranges.

The Gitzo supports 1/2 the weight and is much lighter.... from the specs its just a smaller monopod.

You should also look into Bogen/Manfrotto as well... A lot of options at slightly better prices than Gitzo.. more comparable options to the induro. Some photogs don't like the twist locks on the Gitzo and prefer the lever lock design of teh Bogen / Manfrotto.

There are two standard monopod/tripod screw sizes and that head should work nicely.
I have the Neotec


Which is quicker.... and holds a lot of weight...


it isn't something I'd like to walk around with... doesn't collapse as short, and a bit on the heavy end of monopods (but I have another for that use). btw.. it looks like a hiking stick but it is not...

But not too many one handed operated monopods out there....
I vote for a Manfrotto 680, they are cheap and strong. ( IMHO ) I think that CF monopods are a waste of CF. Really, how light do you have to be? Besides, I think, at least in my case that monopods take more abuse than tripods and still don't trust CF in cold weather with getting banged around and cracking. As far as the tilt head goes, I have one and don't like it. There is a lot of slop and you have to get the screw that holds the unlock lever just right, then Loc-tite it or it comes loose every 2 or 3 times you unlock it, making the camera seam like it is going slip out of the base. I bought the thing dirt cheap and that is the only reason I have it. Of course if you don't live in a cold area that may not matter, but for me in Western New York, the colder it is the more likely I will be outside with a camera.
It's really hard for me to comment on this one.
Bogen/Manfrotto are a wise buy, sturdy, top quality and not too pricey.
But I really like the twist lock on my Gitzos.
I do like the one you have JIP and it has a good price. I really don't want to swivle head as much as I want the quick release so I can take the camer off and get a shot and then put it back on with out haveing to unscrew it all the time. Thanks for the help!

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