Moody/Experimental Portraits with my Hot Husband.


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Jan 27, 2011
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Nashville, Tn
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I mean. He's hot, mmmk?

I wrote about these in my recent blog post, which you can read about if you're bored and want a glimpse inside my self-tormented brain... but otherwise... here are just the images. Ha.

Keith Studio Test 8-30-150004.jpg

Keith Studio Test 8-30-150007.jpg

Keith Studio Test 8-30-150021.jpg

Keith Studio Test 8-30-150579.jpg

Keith Studio Test 8-30-150751.jpg

Keith Studio Test 8-30-150715.jpg

Keith Studio Test 8-30-150860.jpg
A bit of a Johnny Dep vibe happening here... to be honest Rose, I'm not feeling these. I normally really like your work, but these just aren't clicking for me... :(
Number 4 is really good!

Whatever you did for 5, 6, and
Good lookin dude. Love the photos as always :)

I like the vibe and movement as well
Number 4 is a winner. The other don't seem that interesting (I did enlarge to look #6 more about 3 times so I guess this one gets my attention also)
I like #4 too, kind of like #6 but not sure about the movement blur. Seem a little dark, at least how they show up on here. I don't mean dark and moody I just mean a little too dark to see well - I think maybe since the background's tan and black and he's similar colors he blends in too much. Maybe some adjustments, I like the idea of the portraits. Did he maybe get more comfortable as you went along? I might keep shooting more and go for the eyes, there's something there that seems to be starting to come thru in some of these that might have potential to be stunning.

(And yeah, I see hotness there, it doesn't exactly hurt my eyes looking at him. Shoot more!)
Just saw some of these on your Instagram! Good stuff as always.
I really like 1-4. Intriguing texture in those. Lighting is stunning as usual. The rest just don't do it for me though.
I don't like the three last ones, only because the backdrop and floor. The background in #7 has a big wrinkle on the right side.
But the first four look good to me! :)
#2 grabs me the most.
I really like 4 and 6. I would like to see more detail in the darker areas of 4 (particularly his hair). I don't really like the color tones of 6, and think a black and white version could look great.

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