Moon, lighthouse, power lines.

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Sep 17, 2007
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I know they're grainy, I'll try a lower ISO next time. Thanks for looking.

1. Lonely power lines.

2. Lighthouse being passed by ferry.



I quite like that last one, with the rays coming out from the lighthouse, and sufficient detail of the structure and bridge/walkway. Where is this?
Thank you. This was taken on Nantucket island, which is off the coast of Massachusetts. I'm very lucky to live here, I haven't found a more beautiful place to be. The best part is that there are no big chain stores here, except for a few food stores and one clothing store. So I don't have to look at Wal Mart and strip malls all day long, and that to me is a miracle in this country.
To me, moon light needs to be silvery, not golden. In my estimation, golden light always suggests "rising or setting sun". Which is why I am not so sure about the overall colour of the second to last photo here ... it would look more like moon light if it were bluer, I think. Cooler in colour temperatures.

The second ... a bit too dark, one might think ... a question: is there a building behind the ferry going out? So the ferry lights are light trails, but the lights in the terminal are stationary?
I am just a noob but I really like 4, and 5. I like the sun because it just looks like it is all alone. And 5 because the light house is giving light and the sun is too. Kinda different and really catches the eye. Great job from a noobs point.
See why I am saying what I was saying, faux toe graph? Brian says "the sun" immediately after I had commented on the moon being too like the sun, colour temperature-wise. It would need to be more silvery!
Thanks for the replies. Believe it or not, the color of the moon is completely accurate, it had an orange hue when it was rising that night. I know it's way overexposed which is why it would appear to be the sun:) but I don't know how to shoot that and still retain any kind of light in the foreground. Maybe a graduated ND filter would have done the trick. And Brian, just because you're new doesn't mean your opinion matters any less. Thanks again for the feedback everyone.

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