Moon pictures - keep or scrap them?


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Feb 17, 2009
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Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
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I tried tonight to take pictures of the moon. I have not done anything with them except to resize the files. Are they worth doing anything to, to make them better, or should I just scrap them and try another night? Be honest, I can take it.

Moon 1

Moon 2
I think those photos show a lot of creativity. I'm no expert, but to me it seems like the first one the moon is somewhat overexposed. But I like the rest of it. The second one I think the moon with the branches around it is awesome, but if you can bring out the rest of the trees where it is black, I think that would be better. :)
I'll be honest:
Scrap the first. Having the moon as the focal point and getting not detail on it makes it useless. I like the linear elements of branches against the sky but these are so dark they don't contribute much.

The second would be better if the light faded off in a wider radius and the focus on the branches was tighter. You don't need that much negative space in the frame so I'd recommend a tighter crop if you want to use this photo, although it would be difficult to fix the focus. There is also a considerable amount of noise from the ISO you were shooting at.

Compositionally, I'd recommend not shooting with your subject smack in the middle of the both photos, use the rule of thirds to create variety.

Hope this helps and doesn't come off too harsh. I think you could re-shoot these and get some better shots if you focus on your exposure and composition. Post more when you get 'em.
Thank for the honesty. I agree with you and sometimes we need reinforcement. Back to night sky watching we go.
Looks like you are over exposing the moon as mentioned, not sure if that was intent or just what happened.
If you want proper exposure on the moon you will need to swith the exposure sensor mode to center (Spot) in stead of full frame. That way it will meter the moon only and you will get the correct exposure or close enough to easily make the adjustments.

Looking good through the trees though. I like that.

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