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Oct 21, 2004
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Hey guys, I was playing with my daughter and a new 50mm 1.4 pentax lens yesterday. I am really trying to improve my portrait skills. These I think are so-so. I guess I'm most unhappy with the lighting that I am using. Basically, it consists of overhead room lighting and 2 work lamps w/ 75w bulbs. So, I know I could benefit from actual portrait lights, however, the budget doesn't allow for that. So, I would appreciate it if you guys could critique the composition, contrast, focus, etc. and just general feel. I learned with this shoot that when my daughter is being photographed, I will need at least a shutter speed of 90-125. I had some really great shots, but hand/foot blur really hurt them. Post-processing included slightly desaturating, decreasing the red tint slightly, and that's about it. Anyway, any critique would be beneficial to me.

1) 50mm, 1/30, f2.4, iso-200

2) 50mm, 1/125, f2.4, iso-800

3) 50mm, 1/60, f4.5, iso-800

4) 50mm, 1/60, f4.5, iso-800
You're right on the money... it's all light. Alienbees man - go buy some!!

Anyway, here's a really rough, quick and dirty PS job on my favourite. You may like it or not, but it's what I'm thinking when I see the shot.

That yellow light has got to go - it's ruining the skin tone desatting it. Possibly try upping the wattage or getting a darker coloured bg.

Here's a quick effort:


Excuse the quick PS work and the clumsy edges, but hopefully you see what I mean??

Rob LOVE the edit with the background... I was going to post awhile ago that the background I didnt care for at all.. Just to chicken to post it. sorry! But the edit the background looks fabulous with her picture!
cute pics... i want both the lights and the studio too!! greedy hey xx I think you've done well but agree that the background colour doesn't do much for the shot. I just posted some recent portraits '1st attempt @ reflective lighting' (have a look if you like :)... I am sticking to this method and good old natural light till i have the real deal lights... One pointer Christie Photo gave me... was to move the subject further from the background to blur the wrinkles in the sheet... i had no idea why i couldnt get it to blur on such a wide ap..... what can i say - "i am a learner!" xx
your daughter is lovely. this is my daughter, sharing

Taken the year before, late autum, when she was only 6 month. using Reflect board .
May i give you 2 small sugestions if you can read my Chinglish(Chinese English):))

1. Keeping focus clearly, #1 is a little bur, I believe It's not out of focus,you should avoid using lower shutter speed unless you have a tripod.
2.keeping the subject a certain distance from the background. Usually, backgound should not be clear, so I think 4-6 feet and f4 aperture would be better when you use 50mm lense.

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