More of my body Painting attempts....!


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Nov 13, 2007
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C&C is always appreciated. Thanks for taking time to look! (be kind, im a first timer when it comes to the whole body painting thing!)




and yes, the cracks were intentional :)
130 something views and 0 comments? what the hades? i'll have to make this a good one. as far as the paint goes i like the idea very much, especially as these aren't just painted as an excuse to display nudity. they reflect an interesting feel on the subject matter. the only qualm i have, and it may be do to with your recent initiation into the art, is that the pain and skin run into eachother at stark lines. i think a blending effect of the paint into the skin would bring the effect together more. right now it looks like paint on skin, rather than interesting blend of skin colour and texture. you did a shot a while ago, i don't remember if it was the coi one or something similar, where the blending was wonderful. while this is not a composite image, the effect would look good. this could be accomplished either digitally after the fact (i know you've got the skills), or with paint and makeup blending the two may be your best option) prior to the shot (i think you have the skills for that too). as for the shots themselves, i like the comp in 4, although the top of her head is chopped slightly, but it's quite striking. i like the textures and colours of numbers 2 and 3. i think this has great potential on the paint side of things, wonderful textures that would look stunning blended into the skin more. in 3 I think i'd like to see her eyes a touch sharper though. perhaps a brighter catch light would give them a spark, or a slight dodge of the iris to make them come alive. number one is beautiful. i love the light and duotone look. however again, the effect could be stunning if the spots were blended into her skin more. perhaps with slightly softer texture strokes.
Wyjid, an absence of comments can mean many things. I always check anything MyaLover posts. I like her imagination. Her failures are more interesting than most people's successes. I'm a fan.

In this case, though, body paint just ain't my thing. I like them, particularly the second one, but I'd have liked them better with no body paint. When my reaction is "it's just not my cup of tea," I usually don't say anything, because that reaction isn't very helpful to the people who want comments. It may be someone else's cup of tea.
i know not everyone is going to comment on everything, yet it gets tiresome seeing so many 0 comments. someone out of 160 people must think something. without the willingness to discuss ideas and impressions, what is a forum?
Beautiful work Morgan, I really like the 1st and last.

I no nothing about body painting itself so no comments from me on that.

Any chance we'll see your suspension work anytime soon?
Wow, thank you all! Very much!

yes, I SUCK at body painting, actually I suck at painting in general! I completely agree with blending it into the skin. Good idea and will try it out. This is why i post these too, this being a first attempt, but something I enjoyed, I want to know how to get better from someone else point of view. So thank you for the effort on the posts!

as far as my suspension stuff.... I recently moved into a new (my first!!!) house and have yet to set the thing back up. However I did ask my husband today if the beams in our garage would support a person ;)
I was really liking #2 except the white flick on her left eye, then I scolled to #3 and saw the reason it's there. I love everything about that shot with one exception. I wish her eyes had been drawn slightly more to camera right so we could see even a sliver of white in the corner of the eyes.

Lovely models. This is good stuff and you should definitely keep at it. Thanks for sharing.
Mmmmm I think if you would put it together with some of the other photography work you have done in the past you would come up with an idea that would really kick your eye balls out;)

Your past work in the studio has been really cool and leads me to try new things when I have the time:mrgreen:

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