more photos of the screech owl.


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Mar 23, 2014
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Akron Ohio
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finished editing them all. here they are.

Cool shots. I kinda like the middle two. close enough for detail and wide enough to show the environment.
I am very impressed by your love for nature. I love the way you framed the owl between the tree limbs in many of the frames. I think it adds a great deal of forethought, experimentation, and love for your subject. I think your enthusiasm and skill just bursts out in the last shot. In my opinion, it is the quintessential essence of life beyond ourselves, inspires the volume of awareness. Thank you dannylighting for making my property "leave cleanup" today an inspired one.
Very nice, he is just so cool looking. The framing in the first and his irritated look in the last make them my favorites.
i think he was ok with me being back there to a extent, i tried to be really quite and move nice and slow so it would not get freaked out by me being there. right after i got that last shot that i posted he went down into his hole. i stepped on a stick or something and it make a bit of noise and i think that freaked him out. its amazing how loud something can sound in the woods when its nice and quiet back there.

owls are probably my favorite birds but probably the rarest to find which i would guess is do to their amazing camo.. i wonder if they make owl pattern camo clothing. you could probably stand right in front of a tree and no one would know you were there lol. .
I really enjoy looking at these images. Great job. My favorites are also the first and the last, but I like them all.
Thanks everyone..

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