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Dec 24, 2005
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Just had the urge to take some quick snaps, sooo cold I was shaking so there is some issues with blur and or high iso noise, but interesting night just the same.



So cold? In California? Man, when it finally hit about 40 F, I was leaving work, tossing the jacket in the back seat, putting the windows down in the car and enjoying the warm weather!

#2, I like the lights and the golden light they put out captured in a photo. The B&W is nice, but I would prefer it in color because of that gold light. We have a town local here with a lot of petroleum factories and I've been itching to head out after dark to capture some photos with that gold lighted look.
I liked the 3rd the best... I feel that on the 2nd one it as a little bit to much head room.. and not enough foot.. seems a bit to close on the bottom.
nice, reminds me of the refinery's in jersey
#2 is my fav... Can you give the specific's of the shots ?
LOL...I live down the street from this!! You captured it perfectly... Good job!
Your so right about the temp, we complain about 10 degrees difference here in Ca. LOL
#2 is my fav... Can you give the specific's of the shots ?

6 seconds @ F11 , ISO 100, 85mm Prime Lens.
I think I bumped the tripod or something giving it a little blur.

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