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Sep 19, 2015
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Finally got a chance to get out to play with the D7100. I tried to catch the morning light because it was going to be a bright clear day. Just my first set so I'm happy with the results although I see lots of room for improvement. C & C is welcome.




Lilly pad-large.jpg

Lilly pad.jpg

Smooth water.jpg

Red berries-2.jpg

Red fall leaf.jpg

Repurposed church.jpg

Smooth rock.jpg

White canoe.jpg

Wine flower.jpg

Morning light.jpg



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I would love to fish that beautiful spot! Nice shots.
Nice set. #5 is my favorite, but I would try dropping the highlights a little, and see if I could darken the sky some. But I may also be very wrong about that! :lol:

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Just one comment and that is that you would make it a lot easier for folks to refer to your images if you would number them when you post them. Without numbers, a reviewer may have to flip back and forth to make sure they still have the right "number" in the long set of postings. It also makes it easier for a reviewer to tie a comment to a numbered image.

Actually two comments, the second being that if you do want C&C, then you might to think about only posting only two or three images. You have 13 images here (if I counted them right) and for someone to review every single one of them at 2 to 3 ± minutes an image (if they are serious) is expecting a lot. You will get more C&C if you only post a few images at a time, particularly since I am guessing that some of these probably belong in Landscape & Cityscape rather than Nature & Wildlife.

Nice, vivid color in 1 (not sure about the monitor i'm using here). I'd try a few like 2 using a two-stop soft grad filter (almost vertical in that one). Images of the flat rock like you posted could be good in b&w, with grad/cpl and/or color pass filters - orange or red could work with that rock, grad could reduce the brightness of the water further out.
Wow, those are gorgeous! Nice work!

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