Mother & Daughter Statue


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Feb 14, 2009
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Winchester, VA
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I was playing with the Closeup setting this morning and took a number of photos with slightly different settings.

Photo 1:
I took this with the Closeup preset, AF. The flash cast a somewhat interesting shadow on the wall behind.

Photo 2:
I set the camera to Program and adjusted the focus point. Then I closed the flash and boosted the ISO to 1600 to let in more light.

Photo 3:
For this picture, I left the settings the same. Instead of a vertical shot, I aimed at the horizontal while cutting the subject in half. Plus I moved in closer to the statue. Finally, I cropped out all of the excess wall from the frame.

Do you have any recommendations for improving this kind of picture? Thanks in advance for any feedback!

nice shots, a CP filter may have cut back on the blown highlights a bit...
Hi, what do you mean by blown highlights? Are you referring to the areas that reflect light?

Yes that is what is being talked about here. Blown meaning that it is pure white there is no detail in those areas. In this case it is from the flash in the first shot. The others are not quite as bad.
I like the first one with the shadow, even though the higfhtlights are blown out. B&W might even look cool. nice shots
I like the second image. Run it through Noise Ninja and sharpen it up a bit and it should look pretty good.

Consider getting an external Speedlite so you can bounce the flash off the ceiling or wall and get soft diffused light to illuminate the subject.
I would prefer to see the statue standing on something other than the corner of a table. Maybe a cloth of some sort. I tend to see the table first and it takes away from the picture IMO.
the first pic does give an "interesting" shadow.....if you know what i mean....:D
Um...I'd hate to see what some people might do to "enhance" that shadow.

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