Mount Fernie Sunset HDR


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Jun 23, 2009
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New Zealand
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Haven't done any landscape shots for ages as I've been waiting for a new tripod. It still hasn't arrived but I was bored last night and there was a nice sunset so I dusted off the broken gorillapod and cursed and swore at its general ineffectiveness, before taking a few photos including this one, which is three shots bracketed and processed in photomatix.
I was going for a dramatic but not over-the-top look, did I achieve it?

No comments??
I like the lighting at the scene. It seems a little bit on the dark side.

Bump the overall exposure a bit
Here's a quick and dirty edit. Looks like you have some dust on your sensor:


White balance adjustments and exposure bump.
I love the original because the light sky and the dark ground give it feeling and the ground has a warm tint to it... It's different, it's interesting. Great job :)
Rotanimod - I spent a long time editing this picture, and although I was going for a darker look I may have made it too dark - looking back at it now with a fresh pair of eyes. I do think though that your edit is too far in the other direction and it loses some of what (I think) makes the picture special.
Looks pretty good, as mentioned some dust spots.
Crop the bottom to just under the rock.
A light dodge to the darker areas and to brighten the lake ice just a smidge.

You subdued the HDR well...most HDR's I see look like *&%$!
I really like Rotanimod's edit as the better of the two. The original picture looks under exposed.
I love the original. Its not supposed to be super bright, the sun is behind the mountain. Its got great dimension, and is really just gorgeous.
No comments??
Nice shot. Where were you when you took this?

Thanks, this is in Fernie, BC.

To the people saying this is underexposed and too warm, yes I agree it is both those things, technically, but I just like it that way better. Sometimes under a golden sky snow takes on a yellow tint in real life, correcting white balance back to the point where the snow is perfectly white no longer renders the scene as it was seen when the picture was shot.
no one here realizes that it is supposed to be dark.. the sun isnt high in the sky. It isn't overdone or over edited, and it feels like im looking at it with my own eyes; Which is exactly what HDR is supposed to do in the first place.... not look unreal like most. This is one of the best ive seen.

Also, it is art... you want it dark, you leave it dark. i like it dark, but you do whatever you want with it. Be open to suggestions, of course, but ultimately it is your decision in the end.

PS, you'd be happy to know that this is now my desktop background. :)

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