Mountain Color In Pixel Shift


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Mar 29, 2016
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It's been awhile since I kicked in the Pixel Shift. I remember now why, it's a lot of extra work. ACR will process to a point but doesn't handle the motion correction at all, plus the raw files are huge, 150mb plus. They have to be opened in Pentax Camera Utility 5, then saved as a tiff. At that point LR does a fair job with the processing. If you're willing to take the time, they produce some vibrant images. Enjoy

IMGP8896.jpg by William Raber, on Flickr

#2 That's snow on the far peak and in the background. I'd hiked up to an observation point, this was just below the snow layer that day.
IMGP8891.jpg by William Raber, on Flickr

#3 View of Gatlinburg from the bypass overlook.
Gatlinburg Fall20211111_4937.jpg by William Raber, on Flickr

Gatlinburg Fall20211111_4920.jpg by William Raber, on Flickr

Gatlinburg Fall20211111_4917.jpg by William Raber, on Flickr
A gorgeous set! #1 and #5 really bring out the Autumn colors, and #2 is a very nice composition, with the dead trees framing the evergreens and the fall colors in the backdrop, with the clouds on the mountain.
@Jeff15 Thank you!

@jeffashman Glad you liked. The vibrancy, detail, and micro contrast that Pixel Shift brings to the image is great. The only problem is the raw files are big....150-200mb and Adobe ACR doesn't handle the motion correction embedded in the file, so you first have to process them in Pentax Utility 5, then save as a tiff, before Adobe will play nice with the file. The images produced remind me somewhat of the old Viewmaster with it's stereoscopic images I had as a kid.

@jcdeboever Thank you sir!

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