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The Hybrid

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Dec 7, 2007
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Tooele,UT. U.S.A.
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Mountain View by me...
Overall I think it's an okay shot.

One of the three things I noticed was the brown thingy on the far left (fence post?) - I say crop it out.

The second of the third things I noticed was with such a beautiful background, why would you put a one story brick ranch house as the center piece of architecture in this? The white down spout really kills it for me.

And the third thing of three is the haze. This is just a matter of timing and/or exposure. Certainly the haze is prevelant there, but multiple exposures with varying apertures and shutter speeds may have yeilded surprising results. I haven't had much experience with these conditions and someone else may surely have a better opinion, but perhaps a CPL or ND filter could bring out a little more punch to the shot.

Keep shooting Lyndsay, you're in a beautiful part of the world.
nice scenery, but the haze spoils it a bit.
Try adding some contrast in photoshop.
Thanx for your comments...I just got my camera 2 days ago...

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