Movie Review: Inception


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Jun 20, 2008
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A bit convoluted and confusing, but extremely entertaining. Leo D. is definitely one of my favorite actors, but the girl from Juno needs to learn a second expression. I would recommend it.

The design is truly unique. A concept that has long been brewing in the mind of Christopher Nolan, the eye of the theatrical sensibility mixed with large-scale real ring in the season making the creation of a true original Blockbuster in the sea of reboots and remakes suites.
I saw this the other night and LOVED it. I admit that it was very confusing at the beginning but liked how towards the end it sort of all came together again and then at the end again it had sort of a twist. Also ya the girl from Juno sort of annoyed me but it was still good and she did a pretty good job considering.

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