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Jun 29, 2004
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I need your help .. once again :) I know that many of you have moved from one place to another and I need your advice. Belive me or not, but I've never moved out! I've been living here for the whole life! And now it is a time for change. In 3 months I'm moving to my own flat :D:D:D the flat is fully equiped ... the only things of furniture I'll have to take from here are my PC and a desk. And of course lots of books and clothes. So... what should I remember of? What are the important "must do" during moving out and in?

oh.. and I'm moving just to a separate flat on the second end of the city.. so it's not a trip through half of the world...
We're moving soon as well, but it's about 1500 miles away and we've got a whole house to pack! Best advice I have is to sort through things before you pack them and get rid of anything you don't need. It's easier to do that now than to wait and do it while you're unpacking. Keep things that are going in the same room all together and label your boxes well. Good luck and have fun!
Moving is a good time to get rid of stuff you don't need.

I can be a bit of a pack rat, keeping anything that I think might some day be useful. I have boxes of stuff that haven't been opened from when I moved, and I've moved again since then.

If you are not sure you will need/want it...don't take it with you.
The best advice I got when I moved was to throw everything away I didn't look at once the last past year... I threw away a LOT of stuff!(and kept some anyway ;) )
Same advice here: do take this as your big, big chance to get rid of things you no longer need. Like Big Mike, also I tend to be a "pack rat" and we have moved things from our former house to this one that went into the attic and have been there for almost 7 years now. No one misses them, the cases are untouched in all those years. Why-o-why did those things have to move here in the first place, I wonder?

So, that is all our big advice: throw away, throw away, throw away.

(Should we have to move again, I'd once more keep things and NOT throw them away, I'm afraid... though I ought to).

Moving house?
To where?
First, make sure the place you're moving to isn't going to get sold so you have to move less than a year later.

Having moved twice in the last year... I can second the ideas of paring down, and careful lableing.

A few other things, before you move, find the closest grocery store, department store and pizza delivery, you're not going to have the energy to cook for a few days if you can even find the kitchen under your stuff and you'll be amazed at how much little stuff you'll need. Forward your mail, but call everyone who sends you mail and let them know anyway. New boxes are worth the money. If you're renting a truck, reserve it as early as possible, and if possible avoid weekends and ends of months.
Make a survival kit of things you might need even before you start unloading:
Toilet paper, cups for water, snacks (you'll burn a lot of energy hauling boxes of books), soap, tylenol... etc.
And remember lots of smaller boxes is better than a few big boxes and a hernia.

I'll probably come up with more stuff later.
Im moving too!

I like that advice about using it as a time to throw stuff out. I have loads of old junk and the house im moving to is very small. Dont know how im goignt to fit it all in
My advice: Don't let your boyfriend and his best friend pack you and move you while you're at work. :er: I STILL can't find everything. :grumpy:
LaFoto said:
Moving house?
To where?

We're moving to TX due to Aubrey's job. :) He left today to start the three day drive and should be there by this weekend. I'll be here for the rest of the summer packing and putting the house up for sale.
morydd said:
First, make sure the place you're moving to isn't going to get sold so you have to move less than a year later.

Wow! That's rough!:shock:

When I was single I could move all my stuff in my own car/van.

Several years later with a wife & child...............Where did all this junk come from?:x

As for a moving tip, put everything you'll need to make a cup of tea/coffee in a clearly labled box & pack it last/unpack first!
Find all your friends who have trucks.

Buy pizza and beer.

Pack up and take what you need and move.

Just don't let them drink all the beer before the moving is done.

Enjoy your new flat.
i helped a mate move a couple of weeks ago. He moved to this quite old terraced house and the front door was so small we couldnt get the sofa in. I could see the neighbours through their windows having a good laugh at us struggling to shove this thing through the door. We got it jammed in the doorway so had to saw the arms off, then glue them back on once we got it inside...

...Moral of the story is, make sure your door is big enough to fit the sofa through... and bring a saw just incase it isn't :)
If you know someone who works in a department store see if you can pinch a few boxes, bubblewrap, etc... for putting your stuff in. I work in a retail environment and believe me the guys working out the back in the warehouse have no shortage of boxes.
Rob said:
Label the boxes with which room they've come from.


hah thanks fro all the advice. Actually the pluses are that I'm moving from one room to a 3 room flat :D so I'll have more more MORE space than now ...
And, Corry :) I'm single so no need to worry that my bf would pack me and I wouldn't find things :D

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