Multiclored Petunia Flower

Discussion in 'General Gallery' started by santde, Jul 19, 2010.

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    The posted image is small, hard to tell if its sharp. Almost anything can look good at this size.
    I dont like the composition of this at all. I dont like how its centered and so straight on, it makes the image look very flat.

    If you do chose to center compose like this, get rid of the stuff around the flower (background) that is distracting.

    If you want to include the background, then don't cut off the petals like that, it leaves the image incomplete.

    It comes off as an image that you just stuck you camera as far in front of the flower as you could and snapped. Put a bit more thought in terms of the angles of the image you are taking and consider what is in the background. While you may of been interested in the center of the flower, or the petals, or the colour...remember that a viewer will not easily clue in on what you liked if you include more in the image. Picture takers often have blinders on when taking an image. Take the time to inspect the entire frame, not just the middle or what you like.

    I had a very quick look at your site and alot of your images are more snapshotish...I say this as a big percentage of them are composed right in the middle of the frame and straight on. You do have a few that are somewhat interesting angles, but most are flat. As a photographer, try giving your 2D image a 3D feel by exploring lines and dimensions.

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