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Oct 30, 2015
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Had a lot of fun doing these shots last week and thought I would share :1247:

You captured the elegant design. Well done.

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Ok...PLEASE do not take this as an insult as it's certainly NOT intended that way...I do like the shot (both shots in fact)...however to me, while I don't know if it's actually the pic itself or the processing, that first shot almost comes off as having a rather "video game" look to it. Something like you might expect to see in "Need For Speed" or something of that nature. I'm not saying that's a bad thing at all, however to me it almost seems like it's not quite "real".

Also, while something of a nitpick as I suspect this may not have been your car, I would have rather seen the Lamborghini logo in that second shot upright. I like the low key effort there, but I would really have preferred the wheel be rotated.
Thanks for the nice words everyone, and definitely no offense taken Jim. I know that type of editing isn't for everybody.
You're right about the wheel! It hurt me a little inside to shoot the cap at that angle, but at that point I had already kept the owner almost an hour past the projected time so it turned into lightning round shooting lol
Here's one that had infinitely less processing.

I'm really not into cars but #1 is a really well done image!

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