Nice shots. Not a fan of the animal after it sank an inboard/outboard boat I had years ago. It decided the rubber sleeve around the out-drive was tasty and chewed it until the water flooded in and the boat sank overnight. Now many here put protectors around the out-drives to deter critter nibbling. :)
that would definitely make you unhappy, i had some squirrels build a nest under the hood of my old truck that i parked in the driveway, they chewed up a bunch of wires and what not. all animals can do some damage i guess.
Yep you never know. I parked my car at an outdoor airport car lot over a weekend a number of years ago. Came back and was heading home on the highway when I started smelling smoke. Pulled over and found a mouse nest had been built in the engine compartment with dried grasses over the weekend which had caught fire from the engine heat. No damage done because I caught it in time but it was a wake up call for sure.

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