Muslin:wrinkled or not?


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Oct 7, 2007
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Well, while doing a doggy Christmas card shoot today, the dog decided to lift his let and mark my black and my white muslin backdrops as his territory. Needless to say they are just coming out of the wash right now. My question is do I iron them again, or just leave them all crinkly? What do your muslins look like?

Btw, here's a shot of the dog all tucker out after the shoot. It ended up being my favorite shot of the day.

Well, it depends. If you get your depth of field and distances calculated correctly then it really won't matter since the background will be out-of-focus. If not, you will see the creases and crinkles.

That's how a dog signs his model release. :D

Hopefully it wasn't a painted muslin...

Take it out of the drier while it's still moist... not damp or dripping, but still has some moister to it. Then hang it up on your background stand and smooth it out and let it finish drying. No wrinkles. This is how I do my solid black muslin and it keeps it from being wrinkled.

Also, if you have to wash and dry them very often, if the edges are not hemmed up, you will want to do that. Other wise after awhile it will start to fray along them.

Thanks Mike. That's what I ended up doing.
Lovely doggy!


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