My 1st Own portraits of myself. c&c please.


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Sep 15, 2010
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Ontario Canada
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I love too take photo's but am not so keen on being behind the Camera. Thought i would give this a shot. I don't have a remote timer so this was quite the task too say the least.:er:

I am not sure if these are any good as Close up portraits is something else i have not done before.

Not entirely sure what im talking about so dont take it to heart. Ill try my best...So here goes nothing.
I think your exposure is off, the temperature/tones are too warm, and the on-cam Flash left a crazy glare on your forehead, and necklace. ( the second one, mostly.)
Maybe adjust a few things, try some natural light or use a diffuser of somesort over the on cam flash ( like a piece of toilet paper, business card etc.. Could try bouncing it too. Or even some house hold , or clamp lights?
Also ... looking at it again ( could just be me ) but they both look a bit noisy, as well as being under exposed....
You didnt list your gear. What were you shooting with? What settings were you shooting *in*??

**anyone feel free too correct me if im out of line. :lmao:
Sorry hun...
I am shooting with a Nikon d500 and that was under the Portrait settings......Funny thing is i actually turned on all the lights in my kitchen for some light as it is pretty over cast and dismal today......I am really getting very frustrated with this noise thing though. Not sure why i seem too keep getting this in most of my photo's from what it seems.:er:

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