My 1st try at HDR


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Jan 18, 2009
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Galloway/Columbus Ohio
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I know the subject isn't the greatest, but the weather got a little warm and I decided to head out to my back yard just to see if I could do this. The sun was going down and there were tons of clouds with the wind blowing pretty good.


i really wanna give this a try too
at least now you know you can do it :p
they look pretty neat :)
Yea, I'm trying to learn this before I go on vacation next month to the Smokey Mountains. I'm sure to get some great shots of the mountains there and I so want to be able to do some HDR's of it.
I'm going to a class tonight with some local photog's that meet once a month and they are having a HDR class. I hope I can get a lot of great tips and learn something.
Im jealous! My first attempts at HDR were nothing to brag about. I need more practice >< Very nice job
Hi mitsugirly - I think you have done a nice subtle job with these - very good for a first attempt - this is an avenue that I have really got to explore myself - I have only tried once or twice but my results were nothing to write home about.

Good job :D
lovely sky, i would use less saturated colors on the wood ;)

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