My 1st Try. Engagement Shoot


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Aug 14, 2010
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Kansas City
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This was my first try at Professional Photography. I'd like to know your opinions.







Be as mean as you want! I can handle it.
Very attractive couple. These are a good job, so my niggles are just tweaks or personal preference:

1- The gazebo is too prominent, imo, unless it has some sentimental significance.

2 - Are his eyes closed?

3 - nice shot. I like the composition. Does it need to be tilted?

4 - I like this shot as well. I'd just like something to separate the couple from the background like contrast in tone and/or sharpness

5- Nice intimacy, but the whites are blown.

6 - She looks great, but he looks a little orange. The whole photo is a tad soft.

Like I said, these are pretty good, though.
Thanks ALOT. I appreciate your opinion. Good guess on #1, it is where he asked her to marry him!

#2, I am almost positive he is looking down but you might be right.

I got a reflector after the shoot so I can "control" the sun a bit more. Thanks again for your help
1. Would have been sweet if your depth of field was way shallower and the gazebo was bokeh. EDIT ( just read your post before, that's understandable ;)

2. The guy is in the middle of either laughing or talking..

3. I wouldn't tilt it.

4. Like

5. Like as well, as was said before the white's are just a tad overblown.

6. Just curious; Is the girl wearing a spotted skirt underneath the white dress? I can see a faint pattern of large spots?
It was actually a spotted dress. Very hard to tell though with the lighting the way it is. You can really tell in 2.
Well, honestly (but not meanly) I think they're slightly above average - meaning better than snapshots the average person would shoot on their own, but not really professional caliber work. The posing and lighting (lack of) could be much improved overall, imho. Although I do think you have a rather good eye for composition because I see what you were going for in the design of each shot. That's a big plus because many people just have no eye for composition. So I'd say study up on posing and using a reflector and off-camera light in outdoor portraits and you'll be well on your way to some great work! Thanks.

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