My 35mm B&W C&C please!

Discussion in 'The Black & White Gallery' started by CW Jones, Mar 2, 2009.

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    Alright these are just some of the first pictures I have been taking for my class. I will say it now... my scanner is a crappy flat bed scanner, it really does suck! all the pictures I scanned in do look good as prints, but the scanner puts those lines across them! grrrr

    as usual, Comments and Criticism ALWAYS welcome! Help me get better!




    ^^^ one of my girl, she didn't want her picture taken... but I adjusted and took this one anyways. Needless to say I saw the negative of it, put in on the enlarger and really did like it. Chemicals were a little old tho... might re-print this one. She's a cutie :mrgreen:


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