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Aug 4, 2010
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Thought I'd share some of my favorite photography of cars that I've done.

I'll start with some photos that absolutely no one else has seen yet. It's a feature for a site that a group of people and I run. nw-built

main by azntaiji, on Flickr

side by azntaiji, on Flickr

back2 by azntaiji, on Flickr

door by azntaiji, on Flickr

interior by azntaiji, on Flickr

front2 by azntaiji, on Flickr

I'll add more later.
C&C welcome! I do all of my shoots without strobes and flashes, however I'm going to pick up some lighting soon.
They are beautiful! You have defiantly picked the right spot for the Audi S4, the background sets the photos. the colour's are spot on. I like them.
The chopped wood in the background really isn't working for me. Maybe if it were a pickup truck or something, but it doesn't work for an Audi...

Yeah we had to work with what we had for the area and short time, and I think the logs were a nice contrast to the car.
I really like that blue Subaru, could you post more pictures with Subarus?

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