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My Best Photo Yet C&C


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Jan 27, 2008
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Bemidji, Minnesota, USA
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Yes, it is post-processed but still makes for my best photo yet...


Seriously? That, right there, is your best photo? I'm sorry but I dont see anything that spectacular about this photo. Unless somebody wouldl ike to fill me in this doesn't really do anything for me. The effect is kind of cool I guess but maybe not so appropriate for this photo, maybe on others.
I've just checked your blog and you have some nice photos photos there. My favourite (by a landslide) is the fourth of the dandelion images. The one that you posted here doesn't speak to me at all, but of course everybody has different tastes.
After looking at your bog, MAN! you got some good photos in there I definately do not think that thi sis your best photo. You got some good sunset/sunrise shots and what not. Like invisible said ^^^^ everybody has different taste but this is just my opinion.
This is by far NOT your best photo.
yea i agree, this is not the best. looks like a snapshot with some effects added in pp.
The subject isn't terribly interesting, but you have some nice leading lines. The composition is a little weak. I think getting the garbage can lower into the frame with some more space at the top would help. I like the processing myself.

It's nice, but it is what it is.
Thank you for the comments. I really need to keep up with that blog, and I'm working on a new version of my website...that should be complete in about a week if I get off my butt...

I like this photo the best so far because of its simplicity yet complexity...the shadow triangle, the triangle of pavement at the bottom, the color blue against the rest of the dreary look of the photo...

Sunrise/Sunset photos are too easy, just gotta be there...they look so beautiful in and of themselves...I'm trying to find a way to take out-of-the-ordinary photos of ordinary objects that seem to be overlooked as subjects in art....like toenails...rotting fish...lines on a piece of paper...garbage cans...

I'll keep practicing though...I know that if I like it, someone else will as well...

Is this a joke
It may be, or it may be a punchline and you weren't in on the joke
Is this a joke
It may be, or it may be a punchline and you weren't in on the joke

Hah! Smooth recovery, I understand where your coming from just for me IMO it's not doing very much. If you like it then it is what it is right. If you enjoy this then all the more power to ya. Keep on keeping on and do what you enjoy doing.
I'm doing a lot of practice so far...I bought this A3000IS in May of this year and have rolled over the camera count once (it goes to 9999). I think I averaged it out at around 100 or so photos a day...its the only way I could figure to train my eye...I figure, once I get better, my photo count per day should decrease substantially...
Well there you go. Just keep up with your work, get out there as often as possible and do what you enjoy doing. Your right though if you like it, somebody else out there is bound to like it too.
Who are we to question what you as an artist feel is your best photo?

If you like it and feel its your best, than be proud of it.

I think trying to find art in overlooked items is a beautiful and artistically driven goal. I can tell not everyone can shoot like an artist. You either have it or you dont.
By the way. I like the shot. Its different. and your reasoning behind taking it is great.
Well tsblo, we all have our opinions and we are aloud to state them. All I was saying that this photo in particular to me is not his best. If he enjoys this then go out and do it. Go nuts man, I obviously havn't seen it in this picture, whatever that might be. I mean if you check out my Flickr I bet there will be photos that you probably dont like. The 12 photos I have up there are probaby some of my best, but to you they might seem lame. I'm just saying what I think and what I got out of the photo.

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