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My birthday: the CATCH :D


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Aug 29, 2010
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Behold, here is what photo related I got for my birthday.

- 28mm/2.8 for Olympus OM mount. That fits nicely on my OM-10 (see pic)
- Canon 5D USB memory thingy (YEAAAH). That's one awesome gift. Got it from the same guy who sold me the 40D.
- Black and white film: Ilford Delta 100 and 400, two of each.
- Black and white film: Kodak 400 TX, two
- Colour film: Fujifilm 400 Superia X-tra

All in all, a great day. A bunch of friends came over, and we had cake (formed as a DSLR, lol) in good company. Better birthday can't be asked for!

Lens on OM-10:


Ohh, and I got the lens hood I got for my Olympus 35 SP. It fits nicely, doesn't take up much of the viewfinder. Not sure about its size with regard to function, but I guess I'll find out :)
Let's see some photos of the cake formed as a camera!!!!!!! If it takes a few days to get the film developed and scanned and on the web, so be it--but I want to see that CAKE!
Well, Happy Birthday to you!!!:smileys:
Thanks, GG.

Derrel, I'll have to get a pic from a friend, I didn't remember to snap on (!!). But it was remarkably similar to a camera, actually! I'll post pic when I've got it!
Happy Birthday!!!!
I want CAKE!!!
Not sure if camera - or cake.......


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