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Oct 31, 2007
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Cedar Hill, Texas
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I've been wanting to develop my own film for a while.

Here's what's in my cart right now...
Stainless tank with two 35mm reels
Changing bag
3 ea. 300ml graduated cylinders
3 ea. 1 liter storage bottles
Funnel (no link really required for this...)
Ilford Perceptol Developer
Ilford Ilfstop stop bath
Ilford Rapid Fixer
Kodak Hypo Cleaning Agent
Kodak Photo-Flo

Is there anything that isn't really needed, or anything that's missing?

Will a 300ml graduated cylinder be enough for the 2 reel tank?
Will a one liter storage bottle be big enough?

Will I need a scale? I have a powder scale (for gunpowder) that goes up to 500 grains (≈32 grams).
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OMHO, you can easily get away using a single graduated cylinder and washed out plastic juice bottles.

If you've a really dark place in your house [eg, a stairwell to an attic] which is absolutely dark at night or can easily be made so, it will save the cost of a changing bag.

There's an article on this site which covers the gear required as well as the process itself. Here's the link:
LOL, I knew that article was there, and I've read it before - but I completely forgot about it. After reading that again I've switched a few things out.

Larger graduated cylinders (1000ml), a 5 gallon container (I noticed that the Hypo Cleaning Agent makes 5 gallons, so I need something to put that in), and a better thermometer - the one I had in my cart before did not meet the requirements given in the article here (the range didn't go cold enough).

I could probably find a dark enough place to go without the changing bag, but I still want to get it - just in case. Switched the two reel tank for a one reel tank (which actually costs more... But it probably makes more sense for me).

Not going to make the order until next week (total was a little more than expected)...

I was going to add a timer, but damn they're expensive. I'll just use my watch.
Yeah, even with the timer I still carry my cell phone in as a backup. Can't count that many seconds accurately.

One liter ought to be plenty for one shot/processing use. I had gotten some one gallon jugs for storage of working solution until I decided to one shot everything. And you can still repour everything back into the litre bottles for day long use. Get some scissors and keep them with the gear. Also a church key for opening the canisters. String or wire and some wooden clothespins for hanging film strips to dry. A plastic container you can pour some fix into just incase you misload and have the need to refix to rinse undeveloped silver from the strip. Have a reel bar or even a bent paper clip to raise your spool from the tank to check for your timing on the film's clearing. And negative archive pages. Other than that I think you've got it.
Also a church key for opening the canisters.

Wasn't sure if I would need that or not. I had planned on just leaving the leader out when I rewind and just pull the film out, or is that a bad idea? Would it get scratched that way?

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