My Cat, Turtle

Trenton Romulox

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Mar 10, 2007
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Hi everyone, I'm trying to branch away from my usual macro-style photography a little bit, so I took this shot of my cat, Turtle. If you want to critique it, that'd be awesome. Here's the shot:
I like the conversion and the grain (noise-was this added or high ISO), it would have been better if Turtle was looking at the camera and it needs more space on the left so his whiskers aren't cut off.
When you say back off from your macro style a little bit, you meant a little bit. :>)

Nice shot though.
cute cat, i too like the b\w with the bit of grain. next time take about 2 steps back and get that second paw in the shot :).
Oh, this was a crop, the original had a lot of distracting background and stuff, so that's why I ended up with this close crop :p. It was just a snapshot really, so yeah, I'll try and take better shots when my new lens arrives tomorrow (Nikon 180mm f/2.8) and yeah, I realize I'll be taking a lot of steps back with that. :]

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