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    I know the pics are boring, not doing this for c&c. Just wanted to show the effect a polarizer has on a vehicle.

    Mostly did this for people who come in here showing car pics. Seems a lot of them can benefit from buying a circular polarizing Filter.

    I have a mid-range one. It's a $30 (I think) Hoya (not the Pro 1) and it does a decent job. You may be able to find one cheaper... probably a bad idea though. B+W makes a really nice one but it's around 100 US dollars.
    One thing I'd recommend (whatever the brand) is to make sure it's multi-coated.

    On to the results.
    Used my T2i and 70-300 Canon lens. Tripod, stabilization off, self-timer 2 seconds, f16. Shutter speed went down for filter shots. I made sure each image looked identical on the histogram on camera and afterwards in the Canon RAW software.
    The sun was behind the car and to the right in the mid afternoon, expect more dramatic results with the sun to the left or right and in the evening or morning.

    #1 - No filter. Straight lens.

    #2 - Polarizing filter, 0 degrees (mark at 12 o'clock)
    Notice how you can see through the windshield now..

    #3 - Polarizing filter, rotated 90 degrees clockwise from behind viewfinder

    I know this was basic, and there are better explanations on the web to be found - but I did it as an experiment for myself with intent to share results with the forum.

    Thanks for looking!


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