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Jun 9, 2013
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Disclaimer - I am a super amateur, and I have thick skin. I'm here to learn, so let me have it!

I have always had problems photographing my completely black dog. She never has any detail in photographs, just a big shadow with eyes. I think I finally figured out a solution; take her swimming. This is from my first attempt at taking serious photos outdoors. My two biggest priorities for now are learning to shoot sharp photos, and remembering to constantly monitor my camera settings. I'm not an artistic person, so I think good composure is going to be a lot harder for me to learn. I am trying to build a technical foundation first. With that in mind, I'd love to get your C&C. Composure tips are welcome, but I'm mostly concerned with the technical details. Did I get the focus as sharp as it should be, are the colors correct, etc.? Thanks!

I shot this in Av, f/5.6, ISO 800, 1/250", unsupported, 70mm with IS on. Other than a crop to portrait orientation, this is straight from the camera.

Molly by Low_Sky, on Flickr
Not a bad shot at all; you've shot during either the morning or evening golden hour which generally offers the most pleasing light, the image is sharp, the background is sufficiently out of focus as to be relatively undistracting, and you've shot from her eye-level which is almost always appropriate for animals and people.
Thanks! I was happy with this one, and it seemed technically correct to me. It's nice to have a qualified second opinion :)
I like the shot, background is nicely blurred, your puppy is nice and sharp. The only thing I didn't like was the grass in front, but that's just me.
If you were able, I'd either pull the "crop" down and to the left, bringing in more of the pup and less of the space around the upper and right hand portions. You could also crop in a little but something tells me that wouldn't work as well. I just think she's (he's?) a little squished.

Nice shot, though.

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