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Dec 24, 2009
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Toronto, ON
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portrait of a friend. by nathan.legiehn, on Flickr[/IMG]
Love EVERYTHING about this shot, good use of BW, and even though it's centered ... I think it fits well.
Nice shot. I like the shallow depth of field, less distracting background.
A definate separation from background. Looks like a vintage photo. I like it. Good job:thumbup:
This is an awesome photo...I LOVE eyes that go towards the edge of the frame...I have absolutely NO idea why I like photos like that...but this one takes all the "rules" and ignores them for the most part and still, a wonderful photo turned out as a result...hail to the chief!
good job i like the composition and you did good on the b&w
Great shot. I enjoy it!
For me its perfect for a B&W
Looks a bit middle grey, but this being a Weimaraner, I guess it fits perfectly. I'd still like to see more negative space on the right side of the frame.
frame it and put it in your house man. very well done. my dog wont sit still to save her life.
there is a difference between filling the frame and having something in the center.

I would also like a bit more space between the eyes and the edge of the frame.

Also, I believe the body being out of focus is meant to be.

As an aside, it brings back memories of my dog as a child as it was also a Weimaraner

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