My first B&W Conversion... Help a brotha out...


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Dec 14, 2011
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This is the first time I've actually sat down and tried to do a quality B&W conversion. I ended up having to crop this shot so much that it's around 3.7MP now... so things aren't as sharp as they would have been if I captured it right to begin with.

If you all could critique me on this that would be appreciated!

B&W 1 by splproductions, on Flickr
Are you going for true B&W, or sepia? This is a little warm, easily changed by sliding the WB temp. slider to the left a tiny bit.

If you like the warm tone, there's nothing wrong with it either :)

Did you do any dodging/burning or maybe eye enhancement? His face seems a little grey (compare his skin to his sclera).
You need one more crop; on the left side, IMO.

$8884555001_97872d2f41_z (1).jpg
Cute. Very high on the contrast. Some people like it that way in B&W but it does seem to loose some of the detail in the shot with this image.
Bw is not my strong suit but one thing I notice here is his one hand looks blown and sort of bleeds into the background.
I would back it down just slightly (brightness), but otherwise looks fine.
Post the color version.
The BW version isn't very :) because the skin is so light, the clothes and shoes stand out and his eyes look likes holes in a snow bank.
I think that is a very good candid portrait shot, planned or not.

I would suggest a crop 1/2 between what you posted and what Designer posted.

I also agree with manaheim and the others that reducing the exposure a tad is called for.

I would also darken the walkway too.

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