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Aug 10, 2010
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My new IR filter came in today so I quickly ran outside to try it. I didnt travel anywhere and just too some pictures around the front and back. My tripod was lent out so the composition on all of these is HORRIBLE as I just found stuff to set my camera on for the 5-10 second exposures. These are in the order I took them, so the first one is my first ever IR, which explains the dreadful composition caused by my anxiousness to take it. I tried on the rest of them to get a semi-good comp but it is hard to without a tripod. Next time I edit them I will definetly bump up the brightness. I just noticed how dark they are. Oh, these are from an unmodified E500




I want one now!!! Looks like a lot of fun!!!
They look underexposed to me... try 20-30 seconds next time... And shoot wide open IR doesn't focus the same as visible light - DOF isn't the same.

This is a bad example (I missed the focus), but it should give you an idea what exposure should look like:


This is 'color' - all I did was correct the WB.

Your pictures look to be at least 2 stops underexposed... Full sunlight will help too. IR doesn't behave the same way as visible light...

Here is another example where I got the focus right, but the composition is all kinds of wrong...

Bought a IR filter, thinks it's hoya 72? Can't figure out how to edit them in elements, any suggestions?
All you should really have to do is fix the white balance, then whatever you normally do. Some people like to convert IR to greyscale...
whoa! Cool. Does IR stand for infrared? (sorry, noob question :) )
whoa! Cool. Does IR stand for infrared? (sorry, noob question :) )

very cool. where did you order the lens from and how much was it?

And mine is just a filter, you can get a body to be converted to IR but then its like that forever so you deff need to have an extra body, the filter cost me like $130-150. sounded great with the pics ive seen but a little dissapointed since i cant figure out how to edit them. hoping someone here will help me out.

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