my first basket ball game


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Nov 23, 2007
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Western Pa.
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I listed this once before so I could get some advise,,so here it is,,maybe a lil over sharpened the action is fast at these games and my old eye had a time keeping up,,



#2 is very nice. I especially like the ref in the background and the interaction between players in the foreground.

You definitely do want faster speeds if you can -- which lens did you use on this one? Your f/2.8 telephoto would probably be perfect!
Nice action...good exposure so it seems like there was light available..

If you were using the 30D, you could have been in AI servo AF and it would track your main subject of focus at the center point (or one you choose), although if you're not keeping up, you do need to touch up the focus pretty quickly

I agree with the shutter speed. I might have picked a faster shutter speed and let the camera set the aperture since there is seldom even lighting across the field.. or picked a compromise setting..

nice shots.. indoor action takes a knack........:thumbup:
thanks for the comments,,,yes I was using the 30D with a 70/200 2.8 lens and the place was lit up briter than daylight Im happy with what I got but will look ahead to better

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