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Apr 2, 2009
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Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Eh?
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Hey guys, this is my first HDR. I took it this afternoon, at a place called "Hands Bridge". Rumour has it that a school bus of children died on the bridge fifty years ago, and when you shut your motor off at night and your windows fog up, you will see children handprints on the windows. Lol. owell, c and c plz!

Looking at that pic almost makes the story believable.:mrgreen:

Nice shot. I like it.
Looking at that pic almost makes the story believable.:mrgreen:

Nice shot. I like it.

Well, in the 1950's it was just a bridge with no pillars or walls, and a schoolbus carrying eight children + driver actually did drown in the waters after falling off. So that part is true. I have gone onto the bridge many times and shut the engine off and let the windows fog up, but nothing happens. Except for once, but it was a joke played on me by some old highschool friends. haha, It does have a bit of a creepy aura to it.
Now fog up the image and PS a little handprint on it :mrgreen:
Woah nice. The picture gave a creepy feeling even if you didn't tell the story. I like this kind of picture, I mean the one with story and gives you feelings! I don't know about HDR yet tho I planned to do it one of these days, so I can't comment on your skills haha, but your pic is really cool!
Very nice picture.

It makes the story seem creepy, and not just a stupid tale poeple tell you to scare ya.
Its pretty cool. Nice job!
Did you hear any kids playing the woods when you took these? That place looks Evil.
Forget the story for a moment and really look at that image. The trees are beautiful, the road is winding, and the sky is dark. And let's not forget the bridge. It looks like there's graffiti on it. And on the sides of the road are tree trunks. Is that snow I see down the road past the bridge? I really think it's awsome!
Excellent picture creepy story.
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