My first photos in almost year! C & C please!


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Jan 15, 2011
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Puerto Rico
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So my camera hadn't been getting much use lately, but when I saw my little cousin with a D5100 he got for christmas I just couldnt stay behind in the game. The next day I went to old san juan and took some pictures, but only 30 or so since it started raining quick after I got there. Anyway, these two were my favorites of the day. The second one I cant believe how sharp it looks with the 1/6th shutter speed I took it with.


To me they seem wayyyyy over-saturated. I like the composition of the first one. The ruins contrast with the lush vegetation.

In the second photo, I know that you were trying to capture the feeling of the area, but the photo still feels like it has no aim, no subject.

Firstly, it's tilted. The composition could be better, imho. I like how the road goes into the frame, but it's going straight. I'd like it to be more diagonal, moving across the frame. Also, getting the corner of the road into the corner of the frame might help. It would make the composition seem more thought-through. You also have some leading lines here. The road acts as a primary line. The green on above that flower bed is another, and the horizon itself. However, all in all, I don't find the scene overly interesting.

It's also underexposed a little. I don't feel it's over saturated, though. I'd do something with the white balance, the sky is a little blue.
The first one would benefit without having the walkway in the shot, it detracts a bit from the feel of the building and green.

I sort of disagree with rex, the tree is a little too centered but the focal point seems to be the statue and I think having a real strong subject would ruin it but I wouldn't know without seeing it. If that tree was just a little to the left or so I would LOVE to have it on my wall, I think it's beautiful.

How easy would it be for you to go back to the location of the first shot? I would really love to see that shot taken with a greater focus on the building and hill it sits on, if you have too make it black and white, I think the location has the potential to be amazing. Go back and spend a few hours shooting that spot, different views, different angles. I would be thrilled to see the results.

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