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Discussion in 'People Photography' started by DHammer, Sep 1, 2007.

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    Hi this is my first post to this forum. I have been very impressed with the helpfulness and knowledge of the members, even when they were just reaffirming something I knew occasssionally there was a little twist in how to do it that I found very interesting. I don't shoot pets normally but last week after months of my wife asking me to shoot her puppy with my daughter's dog I finally gave in. So after an hour of trying to pose the dogs and get them to stay and be where I wanted them I hit upon on this shot. And once I saw this I realized the secret for me is just let dogs be dogs. This shows their true personalities and no ne had to encourage them to do it, I just happen to be luckily holding the shutter release while Homer was doing his lets annoy Cindy act, and got to capture Cindy's 'get me out of here' face.



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