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Mar 18, 2008
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I know a bunch of you are probably opening this thread, cringing in expectation of what you'll find. Hopefully it won't be that aweful. But I'll save you the lectures by giving the defence in advance.

****skip this if you aren't going to bash me - a non-pro - for doing a wedding****
I attended a very small wedding ceremony (bride didn't even wear a white gown. Invitations were given verbally the week before) and brought my camera along. The couple didn't have a photographer. By the end of the night, I had some good shots and as a gift, I had them printed in a photobook. This couple ended up showing them to our mutual friends, who were getting married as well in a very similarily small, quick wedding the next month. They asked me if I'd be willing to be their photographer, and I accepted.

Anyways, it was unpaid, and I feel that it turned out well. The bride loved them, and that's what matters. So... I would like to get some feedback on how I did. I will be uploading a bunch, so I won't expect anyone to give C&C on each of them. Just anything that sticks out to you as needing improvement or being worth repeating. Thanks!





I feel like you sould have been paid, honestly.. These came out great. The only thing I can see with them is that some look really 'set up,' like they're holding an uncomfortable pose. Mostly in number one, but all have it a little.. I don't like the third.. Too tilted. Other than that nice work. really surprised you didn't get compensated.. I know it was your first, but if they want prints you should expect a little money.
Thanks. I agree about the awkwardness - the groom was very uncomfortable infront of the camera. I also had the sister-in-law doing much of the posing, and their niece acting as a "lightstand". It was a very diy photo-shoot, lol!

Money would have been nice, but they're friends - both poor students getting their PhD's. I doubt the whole event cost more than $2000 (most being the dress). Even the cake was homemade (the sister in law is a pretty good cake decorator), so there were many of us pitching in to make this a day for them to remember :)
Ah, Ph.D's? Hand them an envelope and tell them to open it in 10 years :p
^ Bahaha! Yeah, I'll probably be calling in some favours. Actuallly, I guess I have! Pretty much got the guy to make me a website for a school assignment a couple years ago (the html and stuff was boggling my mind. he saved me from a disastrous near-fail). I think he's a computer engineer - a computer something, anyways :p
What they didnt tip you!? These came out pretty good. I've seen some wedding photographers that can't even get nice shots like these. Good job! Post more when yo ucan
I feel like they aren't as straight as they could be, that's just me though, really good shots. Now you know you have what it takes to make some money :) i'm still not there yet :/
One of the best things you did in these shots was manage to isolate the subject from the background - great use of composition and depth of focus. The bride/couple absolutely stand out as being the center of attention, which is huge in wedding shots.

Number three is the weakest in that regard, but I suspect that is because that shot was completely unplanned. Great job being ready to capture such a spontaneous moment - another great attribute of a wedding photographer. Yeah, I think you're on your way to making some money at this, if that interests you.
Fantastic wedding photos! Especially for your first one. Now you have a great start for a portfolio to get more work, and be paid! These photos are definitely worth being paid for.

What did you use for these photos? Lenses? Did you use flash?

Edit...They look fantastic!
Wow, thanks guys! Almost embarrassed by all the good feedback :D

Studio7Four: You are right on about the third photo. We were just heading back and they went for a kiss, so there wasn't any time to plan (check horizon lines).

I didn't have any intention of doing wedding photography, but I think I may look into it a bit more. There's a college near by that offers summer photography courses, some focusing on wedding photography, and I think I may enroll. I've held off because they are a couple hundred dollars per class, but it may be worth it...

mrshaleyberg: The equipment I used was pretty basic. I stuck with my 50mm 1.8 on a Rebel XSi, because it's my only lense that can achieve the shallow depth of field and sharpness. I used a 430EX speedlite and another cheapo flash, which I got off-camera by wirelessly triggering using cactus triggers. The triggers were probably my biggest issue. When they work, they're great! But I'm not sure if I was doing something wrong or not, but they were very unreliable. If I pursue this, I will definitely be needing an equipment upgrade!
most of these shots you need to reduce the exposure slider and increase fill light slider to bring back the detail on the dress.
I love the lighting. With shots you showed, you did a great job. Double kuddos for getting a flash off-camera and it definitely payed of.
GREAT JOB. Just a crazy advice, do get a backup gear if you'll shoot another wedding. ;)
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