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Jan 11, 2012
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I'm doing my first wedding shoot on my own this Saturday ... Any advice or good pointers I should take with me ...
Have you been to the location to scout it out? That is the #1 most important thing you can do beforehand. You can get a feel for the lighting and all aspects that you will need to know.
Are you getting paid and do you have a contract? Are you operating as a "business"? Just a couple of questions because shooting weddings can get to be a sticky situation.
this one is for free it's my first one on my own and it's for a friend I know. He really loves the work I do so he asked me if I can do the wedding. I've done it before but for some reason I'm just nervous I want this to be one of the best jobs I have ever done lol lol . I guess I'm just getting butterflies
I'm doing my first wedding shoot on my own this Saturday ... Any advice or good pointers I should take with me ...
w/o knowing anything more then what you wrote what you need
Primary camera
back up camera
primary lens(es)
back up lens(ses
batteries - I recommend 2 batteries per camera. My cameras use the same batteries so I have my primary body w/ 2 batteries, one in the back up and a spare.
Charger for those batteries.
back up flash
batteries for flashes (I have 3 sets of spare batteries per flash plus the charger).
Additional specialty lenses (I bring along my fisheye and ultrawide for some funky effects).
Bunch of memory cards, etc
For some, above is enough for others it isn't (me including).
I bring w/me additionally 3 more lights- two ABs and a quantum. ABs are used to light up the background at the reception hall or w/e else I need.
Gotcha. My first wedding was for a friend last September and I did it for free too. A great learning experience and so much fun. We did a lot of the photos before the wedding which made it much less stressful. Since this is your first wedding and it's for a friend, I would suggest that you try to do a lot of the "detail" shots (rings, shoes, bouquets, etc) before the wedding so you don't feel so overwhelmed. I would try to scout the location ASAP because when you get there, you may find out you will need an extra piece of equipment that you don't already have (another flash, etc). If you don't have a camera equipment rental store close to you then at least you know how to make what you have work. GOOD LUCK and HAVE FUN :)
Thanks for all your advice. I'll defiantly use it for this Saturday. I will have fun . Thanks.

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