My flash just died!!



:grumpy: I´m so mad... I was taking some photos for work and all of a sudden I say "where´s the flash" (though it was recycling too slowly) so I try again and nothing, then I change batteries and nothing still. After that I started hearing a really low beeping noise coming out of it...
I guess its kinda my fault because I left the batteries for too long inside, but I have no idea. I´m going to be geting some info on where to have it looked at but I´m afraid that they´ll just say (its unrepairable) :( and I have no money right now for a new one cause I´m paying my rebel XT


Sorry just had to rant about it to let some steam out
Cuervo, you never know. You have nothing to lose by taking it to a repair shop. Give it a try and it might surprise you...
Take the batteries out, press the test button and turn it on to see if there's any charge left in it (may or may not work). Put it in a plastic bag in the fridge and leave it overnight and try again with brand-new batteries (after it's reached room temperature). Works with an awful lot of equipment!


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