My Fourth Anniversary Here at TPF


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Jan 27, 2008
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Bemidji, Minnesota, USA
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Not very important, but I just realized I joined in January of 2008 which means some of you have been putting up with me for four years. Congratulations to those who haven't kicked me out yet. Thank you for all of your help in tutoring me. I realize my post count is low for the length of time I've been here (its funny to see someone who joined just a year ago or so that have twice as many posts as me).

I do attempt to make meaningful posts every now and again. Thank you for ignoring the posts that were substance-less. I try to be as active here as possible for me (at least a post a day on average) but don't always feel the need to comment to some of these threads. A lot of it seems to be the same re-hash of other threads.

The amusement I get out of some of these threads is awesome and keeps me coming back. Thank you again for having me. As an anniversary gift, please post a reply to this thread with your favorite photo you've taken so I can see the best of the best as a gift. Thank you. (is it too forward to ask for anniversary gifts?)
Happy Birthday, Drex! I have no presents though, sorry.:(
My TPF digital birthday perhaps, not my analog birthday. All I want for a present is to see your best photo.
Happy belated digital birthday! Typical me I'm late but I have your present here...I swear! (Just have to figure out which one it is)
Congrats.. four years is a while! do you have a preference in shots? (landscape, macro, etc?)

I will start with a Monarch.. since I do shoot a lot of macro!

you better fold charlie. Hard to tell if Ron is bluffing or not.
Holy cow Ron, where have you been hiding that???
The post finally took off on the third try.
We should build you a cake or something.

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