My friend's 2010 Camaro


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Jan 31, 2015
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This is probably my first car photoshoot but it was unplanned. Just happened after a car show, we were in a big parking lot and waited for everyone to leave and my friend asked if I wanted to do a quite photoshoot of his car. We are planning on a better location for a future shoot. But I thought I did pretty good for my first time.

I took all of these with my D610 + 24-120 f/4

Erwin-160618-3747.jpg Erwin-160618-3751.jpg Erwin-160618-3765.jpg Erwin-160618-3766.jpg Erwin-160618-3780-HDR-Edit.jpg Erwin-160618-3788-Edit.jpg Erwin-160618-3791.jpg Erwin-160618-3812.jpg Erwin-160618-3823.jpg Erwin-160618-3847.jpg

The red and white Torino in a couple of the shots is my and dad's car that we restored and built together. We had to throw it into the shoot as well of course.

So I had a VERY hard time getting the colors to look right on my friend's camaro, its a color that really changes depending on the light..its just really hard to shoot. I'm thinking about buying a polarizing filter to cut down on the glare and hopefully that will give me a more accurate color.

I wish I told him to put the windows down when he had his lambo doors open, but I forgot. It was hot out and we've been sitting in it all day.

Check out the engine compartment of my friend's Camaro..its amazing!


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