1. On another trip eh.jpg

    On another trip eh.jpg

    those old trips...
  2. nerwin

    Mirror to the past

    I know this may not be my best photograph and that's okay. It has meaning to me even though it may look like a random photo, the reason it has meaning is that that day when I was photographing, I was having a very bad day and I kept thinking about the past and present. i know it's nothing great...
  3. Rain Drops on a Red Car

    Rain Drops on a Red Car

    Water beads on the surface of a Red Car
  4. TWX

    Automotive focal length

    Was going through some pictures from a car show, I'd taken two shots of the same car at different distances to the subject and different focal lengths. First, 24mm on an APS-C sensor: Then stepping back and zooming-in to 42mm with the same APS-C sensor: I can see each having their...
  5. Gridiron Football

    Gridiron Football

    Gridiron Football hit rear window
  6. nerwin

    One Mean Camaro

    I sat on this photo for a LONG time. I took it at a car show and there was a lot of background distractions and I didn't know what to do. After forgetting about it for a while, I came back to it and did this. Fujifilm XT2 + 18-55 @ 18mm 1/800th, f/2.8, ISO 250 I'm really happy with it...
  7. Nintendoeats

    Broken Window in Snow

    I was hoping to get some shots like this and the weather provided, I think they came out very nicely. Perhaps the second would have benefited from a wider depth of field?
  8. nerwin

    Oldsmobile Super 88

    Lately when going to car shows I pretty much stopped taking pictures of cars because it gets so repetitive so instead of being a photographer, I become a car enthusiast which I also am and I check out other peoples rides and talk shop, which luckily is kind of improving my speech impediment...
  9. Yama.Furiku

    Car Photography - Critique Wanted

    Hi All, I am new to the Photo Forums and thought it would be good to dive in here and get some critiques day one. I run an instagram profile (@Yama.Furiku) focusing on car photography. And I am looking at improving myself, so any and all comments and critiques are welcome! I have added a few...
  10. nerwin

    My friend's 2010 Camaro

    This is probably my first car photoshoot but it was unplanned. Just happened after a car show, we were in a big parking lot and waited for everyone to leave and my friend asked if I wanted to do a quite photoshoot of his car. We are planning on a better location for a future shoot. But I thought...
  11. Calendyr

    Need advice taking car pictures

    Hello everyone, I am new here and I hope to become a regular member. I hope a car detailing service here in Montreal, Canada. I take a lot of pictures to do before/after comparisons for my website. This is my 4th year in business and I want to make some effort to improve my photography...
  12. Msteelio91

    BMW Photoshoot (Pic heavy)

    Finally got around to cleaning up my car and taking some pictures with an actual camera. 2013 BMW 135i M-Sport in Carbon Black (real deep metallic blue) For those interested in car stuff: Single, twin-scroll turbo Inline Six tuned to 410hp/465tq Berk Street Axle-Back Exhaust CPE Charge Pipe...
  13. CsPhotos

    Ferrari 458 Speciale